How to Make the Most of Your Convention in Las Vegas

Conventions in Las Vegas If the mere mention of the word convention has you hiding from your boss and hoping you won’t be the one that has to represent your company this year, you’re not alone. Chances are you’ve experienced a host of regular conventions in run-of-the-mill cities across the country. Enter: Las Vegas. Here, conventions are an entirely different experience altogether. Sure, you’ll do your fair share of networking and work, but forget heading back to your hotel room after hours to watch reruns. Vegas never sleeps and when your work is over for the day, the fun is just beginning. Here are some tips for making the most of your Las Vegas convention.

Navigating the Las Vegas Convention Center

For your conference or convention, chances are you’ll be situated in the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). This 3.2-million square foot building is sprawling, crowded, and unique. When packing for your trip, the most important item to include is a pair of the most comfortable shoes you own. There is a lot of ground to cover, and your feet will feel like lead balls if you don’t coddle them from the start. The LVCC does a great job of keeping its visitors full and hydrated throughout the day. There is a food court, a Starbucks, and a plethora of vending machines. Note:  There really isn’t much within walking distance of the convention center any more.

Getting Around

The LVCC is conveniently located to Downtown Las Vegas and the Strip, making it easy to navigate the city after hours. While taxis are the most popular transportation choice, there are also RTC buses (subway like) that service both areas with single and multi-day passes available.


After a long day of networking, a world-class meal will refresh you and will help prepare you for a little nightlife. Downtown Las Vegas boasts some of the best restaurants in the area. Here are some suggestions to satiate your appetite.
  1. Tripe George Grill – This Downtown Las Vegas staple is a foodie favorite for their fresh-made, well-conceived cocktails and classically inspired, Bay-area style cuisine. The space is cozyand on the slightly smaller side, so it would be advised to get a reservation beforehand.
  1. The Peppermill Inn — Eat your fill whenever the urge strikes! This iconic restaurant on the strip is open 24 hours. The Peppermill Inn is famous for its giant portions and classic Vegas atmosphere.
  1. Oscar’s Las Vegas Steakhouse — Want a steak cooked to perfection served in a classic old-school Las Vegas atmosphere? Look no further than Oscar’s. This sophisticated restaurant features perfect martinis, excellent service and the best food around. It is located just three miles from the LVCC, in the iconic dome at the Plaza Hotel.

Paint the Town Red

Looking for a little nightlife before heading back to your hotel? Check out the Fremont Street Experience. Stroll the pedestrian promenade, watch the mesmerizing light show or fly on the Slotzilla Zipline. You can’t have these adventures anywhere but Vegas! Also, the Fremont East district offers a vibrant nightlife scene that goes until the wee hours of the morning. Catch a show, boogie down to some live music, or just sample the fantastic cocktail selections. No matter how much time you have in Vegas, you’ll never run out of new experiences. Make the most of your convention with a stroll Downtown, where anything can happen. Las Vegas is full of surprises.