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Jackpots updated daily at 10:00AM. Information is unofficial. Current jackpot amounts are posted in the Bingo Room.

Bingo & Promotions

Sizzling Bingo Match Play

Bingo Match Play

Three (3) Daily Match Plays available. One (1) Bingo Match Play allowed for use per session. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Not valid during Super Bingo or Promotional Bingo Games. See Bingo Room for Details. Management reserves all rights.

Bingo Bonus

Play the 11am session & be rewarded 2X point reel multiplier for the entire day!

Excludes Video Poker

Best Bingo in Las Vegas

The only bingo room in Downtown Las Vegas is located on the 3rd floor of the Plaza Hotel Casino. Our 280-seat bingo room gives guests the opportunity to play and win big at everyone’s favorite game!

We offer six daily bingo sessions: 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm and 9pm

We also offer the chance to SUPER SIZE their prizes with the most exciting and profitable way to play bingo!

Bingo Bonus

Play the 11am session & be rewarded
2X point reel multiplier for the entire day!
(excludes video poker)

Hotball Jackpot & Cashball Bonus

During the 1st game of the session, the first number out will be the session’s HOTBALL. Bingo on the HOTBALL number on a VALIDATED pack and win the posted jackpot. (Hotball valid on games 2-11 excluding extra games)

After the HOTBALL is pulled, the next four numbers out will be the session’s CASHBALL BONUS BALLS. Winning on the Hotball number and catching any of the four CASHBALL BONUS BALLS anywhere on your card, you can win:

4 out of 4 – $5,000
3 out of 4 – $1,000
2 out of 4 – $500
1 out of 4 – $100


$160,000 Super Bingo Logo

$160,000 SUPER BINGO

Super Bingo is a huge event that draws hundreds of people from all over the country. Players come from as far away as Hawaii and Canada to experience over 60+ games of Bingo over two days.

Plan your next Bingo adventure to the Plaza Hotel Casino and view our upcoming Super Bingo Tournaments.

Recent Winners

$5,000 Bonanza Jackpot
January 2023
Colleen K.
$10,000 Dual Daub
July 2021
Juan L.
$10,000 Super Dual Daub
July 2021
Jesus G.
$2,075 Ca$hball Bonus
June 2020
Lawrence W.
$4,330 Hotball Jackpot
June 2020
Tiffany S.
$10,144 Ca$hball Bonus
June 2020
Kyle Z.
$12,358 Ca$hball Bonus
February 2020
Cynthia G.
$20,000 Coverall
January 2020
Rich T.

Bingo Prices & Electronic Specials


Extra Games

Dual Daub Coverall – $2 each
Bonanza Coverall – $2 Each


11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 9pm