What to Expect at the Life Is Beautiful Festival 2019

Downtown Las Vegas is a vibrant area full of art and culture that speaks to both a great past and promising future. The Life is Beautiful Festival, which returns to Downtown Las Vegas on Friday, September 20th, and runs through Sunday, September 22nd, is a testament to this unique culture. 

The festival will bring some of today’s most celebrated musicians, chefs, artists, comedians and speakers to the downtown art district for a three-day inspirational social platform and celebration of life.

The Plaza Hotel and the Life Is Beautiful Festival

The Plaza Hotel and Casino has been an integral part of Downtown Las Vegas throughout its historic past. Today, as the area continues to undergo substantial change and growth, we continue to create the perfect combination of comfort and sophistication while providing an old-school Vegas feel paired with modernism.

The effort put forth by the Life is Beautiful team is something we admire, and as a fellow Downtown Las Vegas business, we certainly appreciate the buzz it creates for our community and downtown culture. 

Adjacent to the arts district, The Plaza has been a hub for those who have attended previous Life is Beautiful festivals and will continue to be one this year as well. Whether you need a Luxe room to rest between days of the festival, something to eat and drink, or just some help with directions, we are here to help make your Life is Beautiful experience as enjoyable and empowering as possible. 

There are three free re-entries per day for all general admission festival guests, so come to enjoy a meal and drink with us at one of our many restaurants and bars and sit back and rest your feet. The Plaza Hotel and Casino will also offer event parking for the festival at a competitive price.

The Music at Life is Beautiful

There will be a large variety of artists playing at Life is Beautiful over the three days. With headliners like Chance the Rapper, Post Malone, Billie Eilish, Vampire Weekend, and many more, there’s no doubt the festival will be packed with good vibes and great sounds. There are multiple stages where you and your group can enjoy the music, including one stage that is a dome with an electronic feel where most DJs will play. 

The first shows on the lineup will start around 2 or 3 p.m. and headliners will close out the festival around 11 p.m. or midnight. The festival provides music lovers with a variety of genres, and you’ll find everything from rap and hip hop to EDM and alternative.

The Art of Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful is a celebration of art and culture. There will be modern art exhibits, walk through art exhibitions like the “Art Motel,” and traditional art exhibits with photography and paintings. The whole festival can be thought of as a work of art, providing an opportunity at every corner to enthrall the senses of festival attendees. 

Outside festival grounds in the Downtown Las Vegas community there is also plenty of art to be seen. There are plenty of beautiful art pieces to take in and enjoy, and they also act as the perfect setting for photos.

Murals at Plaza Hotel Casino

The Plaza Hotel & Casino is adorned with murals by street artists Shepard Fairey and D*Face that scale the whole building from top to bottom. These murals were some of the most challenging murals they’ve ever created. Each artist had to overcome personal and unexpected challenges like changing weather patterns. 

Using scaffolding and the natural curvature of the Plaza Hotel, each artist transformed a side of the hotel into a living piece of art. Both murals will add color and life to an already vibrant downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street Experience. Come to see the murals today for yourself and explore the rest of the art downtown.

Above: Shepard Fairey’s piece “Cultivate Harmony”. Fairey, known for his iconic 2008 “Hope” poster of President Obama has transformed American pop culture with his modern art and now he’s transformed the Plaza into a living piece of artwork

Above: One of the latest pieces of art to join the Downtown Las Vegas area is a large mural created by D*Face, an English multimedia street artist known for his sold-out galleries and collaboration with the world’s top music artists

The Food

Over 70 local and regional eateries with a variety of cuisine will be present at Life Is Beautiful 2019. Attendees can enjoy food from different cultures such as Mexico, Asia, and India among others. There will be many places for festival-goers to enjoy food and learn about the art of cooking. If you’re looking for a bite to eat after the festival, you can come over to The Plaza to grab a late-night bite at Pop Up Pizza or Brightside Breakfast & Burgers.

The Drinks

For those over the age of 21, there are plenty of excellent alcoholic drink options like craft beers and artisanal cocktails. Drinks will be available from specific alcohol vendors as well as at full-service bars at the festival. There are also plenty of bars to enjoy outside festival grounds in the downtown Las Vegas area. Come and join us for a drink at The Plaza where we will have drink specials for festival-goers.

The Location

The downtown Las Vegas area has a lot to offer to festival-goers inside and outside of festival grounds. Just outside the official festival grounds, you’ll find the Fremont Street Experience which is an overhead lights display lined with bars and casinos on each side. 

At the end of the Fremont Street Experience, you’ll find The Plaza where you can enjoy casino games, great food, and refreshing drinks when you need a break from the festival. There is so much to see in downtown Las Vegas that you’ll want to set aside some extra time for exploring outside the festival grounds.

Tickets & Packages

There are several different ticket options for Life is Beautiful. Entrance to Life is Beautiful starts at $145 for one day General Admission and $315 for 3-day General Admission. If you’re looking to upgrade your festival experience, there are VIP, VIP+, and All-In options that start at $665 for the three days and include things like shaded lounge areas, concierge services, exclusive food and drink vendors, and private bathrooms. 

The All-In pass gets you everything at all the other levels, in addition, to access to the artist hospitality lounge, an exclusive culinary tasting experience, and brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

After Parties

Each night after the Life Is Beautiful festival ends; revelers can keep the partying going Unde the Dome at the Plaza. This Life Is Beautiful after-party features a live DJ set and complimentary entry to everyone that is looking to dance under our famous lights. Festival-goers over 21 and over can enjoy a refreshing drink from the bars opening up for the after-party.

Get Down and Derby at The Plaza

The Plaza Hotel & Casino is hosting the SIN CITY SHOWDOWN Demolition Derby from Stirrin’ Dirt Racing November 14th-16th. The events will take place at the CORE Arena and there will be four total events over the course of three days. 

The event will be family-friendly and a fun event for anyone looking to see some action! There will be two car classes, Mini Cars, which are 80s-90s front wheel drive foreign and domestic cars, and Stock Class, which are stock built old Detroit iron cars. There will be an after party where all ages are welcome. More details to come.

What is a Demolition Derby

A demolition derby is a competition with cars where cars are driven into each other until only one is left standing. The competition typically uses older cars and there are usually five or more drivers. Demolition derbies originated in the United States but have spread to other Western countries as well. The competition typically takes place on a dirt track that can be very muddy. The mud slows down the cars and makes it more difficult for them to ram into one another.

A demolition derby is a competition where cars are driven into each other until only one is left standing. The competition typically uses older cars and there are usually five or more drivers competing for demolition king or queen. 

History of the Demolition Derby

Demolition derbies started gaining popularity in the 1950s and became a standard event at fairs and festivals. In the 1970s, the sport’s popularity was at an all-time high and events were commonly held in large arenas and broadcast on television. 

In today’s time, the derby has its subculture and tends to be popular in certain areas across the world. A demolition derby event can still draw in a huge crowd ready to see some action.

Be Part of All the Action

The Plaza Hotel & Casino is the place to be downtown. See all of our upcoming events and entertainment.

Independence Day Pool Party at the Plaza Hotel & Casino

No other holiday brings out the patriotic spirit of our country more than 4th of July. On that day in 1776, the thirteen colonies claimed their independence from England and Americans love to celebrate with a barbecue and cold beers. It’s a day that all Americans come together in the high heat of the summer and celebrate the independence of the United States of America.

Many people choose to celebrate with fireworks and some with meat on the grill, so we’re honoring that tradition at our annual Independence Day Pool Party!

Independence Day Pool Party at the Plaza

On July 4th, there will be fireworks above downtown Las Vegas and a hot dog eating contest where hotdog lovers can win a $200 cash prize, 2-night stay at The Plaza, $150 to Oscar’s Steakhouse, and a poolside cabana with $50 for food and beverages. There will also be a live DJ and drink specials so you can dance the night away.

Summer Fun All Summer Long

The fun doesn’t stop when the 4th of July is over. On July 5th, there will be a special pool day where you can get a flamingo drink holder and cool off from the Vegas sun by enjoying the pool.

On July 6th Beverage Olympics takes place when teams of five people will come together and participate in “Olympic Events” such as ice cube clear out, pitcher chug, flip cup, and beer pong. There will be cash prizes based upon how many teams and players are entered.

If you’re spending the 4th of July holiday weekend in Las Vegas, there’s plenty to do downtown like exploring the Fremont Street Experience and visiting top-rated bars and restaurants. Downtown Las Vegas is known for its retro feel and unique character, and there will be no shortage of ways to celebrate Independence Day.

Fun Things to Do on Father’s Day in Las Vegas

Father’s Day is the one time of year we get to show that special appreciation for our dads and truly show them how thankful we are to have them in our lives. It can be hard, however, to know what to do with dad on his special day.

Fun Things To Do On Father’s Day in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has so much to offer with great Father’s Day ideas to make him feel appreciated. We’ve put together a list of some of our best ideas to show dad a great time in Vegas.

Take Him Golfing

las vegas golf courses

There are plenty of excellent golf courses in Las Vegas. You can start the day off by taking him to play a round of golf and giving him the opportunity to relax and enjoy time out on the course.

Play Pickleball

Pickleball courts

A great alternative to golf is taking your father to play pickleball, which is a game similar to tennis. If Dad has never played pickleball before, this could be a fun and memorable experience for him. The Plaza Hotel & Casino offers unlimited pickleball play for Nevada locals for only $3/day.

Go to A Museum

Some dads aren’t the athletic type, and that’s all right! You can take dad to one of the many museums the city has to offer. Downtown Las Vegas has some exciting museums that dad will love. Some noteworthy mentions are the Mob Museum, the Neon Museum, and the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

Check Out a Brewery

If Dad is a fan of beer, taking him to a brewery for lunch could be a great choice. Downtown Las Vegas has many unique breweries such as Banger Brewing, Chicago Brewing Co, and Hop Nuts Brewing. Take a break from your activity-packed day to grab a brew and a bite.

Enjoy a Pool Day

A lot of our fathers work tiring endless work weeks. Give dad the chance to relax out by the pool. If you don’t have a pool of your own, the Pool at the Plaza allows Nevada locals over 21 to enter the pool for free. If you’re looking to give your dad some extra relaxation, look into booking a cabana suite for him.

A Steak Dinner

When it comes to dinner, most dads love a good steak. We know that a great meal is the way to any man’s heart, so Oscar’s Steakhouse is serving up a special meal for Father’s Day. There will be an appetizer of Sweet and Sour Pork Belly and tomahawk ribeye steak served with potatoes and asparagus for the entrée. Oscar’s has one of the best views of Fremont Street and a classic atmosphere for any dad to enjoy.

A Room

Book by June 17th at 11am for travel through October 3rd and save 20% off room rates!

Las Vegas Days Rodeo

Las Vegas Rodeo

When you think of Las Vegas, you might think of all the lights, clubs, and fantastic shows. While Las Vegas does have a lot to offer in the way of nighttime entertainment, the city knows how to party during the day too – especially with Las Vegas rodeos!

The city of Las Vegas got its start as part of the Wild West, and Las Vegas Days (formerly known as Helldorado Days) celebrates the spirit of the Wild West with a Las Vegas rodeo and cowboy themed event!

On May 10th and 11th you can grab your favorite pair of boots, blue jeans, and a cowboy hat and head to the all-new Core Arena where there will be:

  • Bull riding
  • Barrel racing
  • Team roping
  • Tie-down roping
  • Steer wrestling
  • Saddle bronc riding
  • And bareback riding

Admission to enjoy the event is free and there will be a parade held on Saturday, May 11th.

History of the Las Vegas Days

The Las Vegas Helldorado event began in 1934 when Arizona carnival barker Clyde Zerby saw an opportunity with the thousands of visitors to the Hoover Dam site.

The first Helldorado was a rowdy affair that took the flavor of the Old West to the next level, celebrating everything wild about the wild west.

In 1935, Las Vegas was a booming town, and Fremont Street was exploding with gambling halls, hotels, and restaurants. City leaders knew the boom could end and Las Vegas could wind up a ghost town.

In comes the Helldorado Days festival to provide a sense of community spirit that would entice Dam workers and their families to stay in Southern Nevada.

As Las Vegas grew, so did Helldorado Days. Several of the salacious events were replaced with family-friendly entertainment including:

  • Award-winning marching bands
  • Best Float awards
  • A rodeo that drew superstars and a national audience
  • A beauty contest
  • And more!

The festival inspired a sense of community among long-time residents and for newcomers, it renewed interest in our history and the spirit of our past.

Watch All The Madness This March In Las Vegas

If you’re looking for somewhere to watch March Mania among other crazed college basketball fans, The Plaza Hotel and Casino is the place to go. On March 15th-18th The Plaza will host daily viewing parties. Tickets are $15 for a one day pass or $40 for all four days. Each ticket includes a T-Shirt, daily drink, and daily food item. The Plaza Events Center is the best place to watch the games because there are 18 screens and 2 projectors with state of the art sound equipment. Join us for March Mania and cheer on your team!March Mania BracketMarch Mania seems to be the time of year when everyone gathers around glued to their TV to cheer for their favorite college basketball team. This year March Mania begins on March 13th and ends on April 2nd in San Antonio, Texas for the championship game. A total of 68 teams will enter the tournament this year. Out of those 68, 32 are automatic bids based off of who wins their conference’s tournament and the other 36 bids are selected by the NCAA Selection Committee.The first four will be played in Dayton, Ohio. The first and second rounds will be played in Pittsburgh, Wichita, Dallas, Boise, Charlotte, Detroit, Nashville, and San Diego. These rounds are held in a variety of college arenas with the exception of the Dallas game being held in the American Airlines Center. The regional semi-finals and finals will be held in Los Angeles for the West Region, Atlanta for the South region, Boston for the East region, and Omaha for the Midwest region.Each region has four teams that will advance to the Top 16 in the tournament. There are already guesses and bracket projections for who these 16 teams will be. Many speculate that Duke, Michigan State and Arizona are some of the top teams to be on the lookout for this season.

Purchase Tickets

March Mania 2018 $15 – One Day $40 – Four Days

Purchase Now 

St. Patrick’s Day Party At The Plaza Hotel & Casino

Downtown Las Vegas is made for a huge St. Patrick’s Day party!

St patricks day downtown las vegas

What better way is there to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than by drinking green beer, pinching people who aren’t wearing green, and catching a free fireworks show?

Downtown Las Vegas is a popular destination for locals and tourists to come and celebrate the day.

Starting at 7 p.m., The Plaza Hotel & Casino will be celebrating the holiday under the green dome, which will be lit up with a St. Patrick’s Day theme.

RSVP today and bring your friends and family to enjoy live music and drink specials inspired by the holiday. Dance the night away under the dome and at 10 p.m. there will be a spectacularly green firework show.

If you’re looking for the best deal on drinks, The Plaza is offering drink specials starting at $5 all weekend long from March 15th-March 17th. Get in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with a $5 Green Beer.


Historically, the holiday was created in the early 17th century to celebrate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. It is celebrated yearly on March 17th, the day that Saint Patrick died. St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the culture and heritage of the Irish and celebrations usually include parades, festivals, wearing green, and shamrocks. Traditionally, the restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol were lifted on St. Patrick’s Day, which has encouraged the tradition of consuming a lot of alcohol on the holiday.

Although St. Patrick’s Day isn’t directly an American holiday, we Americans just like the Irish, love any excuse to throw a parade and drink a lot of beer, so we obviously adopted the tradition. If you’re looking for more activities to celebrate the holiday in downtown Vegas, you can see if you have luck of the Irish and try your hand in the casino. This year, St. Patrick’s Day is on a Sunday which makes it the perfect day to drink a lot, party downtown, and have a spectacular Sunday Funday. The holiday is widely celebrated in Las Vegas so be sure to book a room in advance to ensure that you can party on all night long. We’ll see you there in your best green outfit!

The Plaza Hotel & Casino is your home for all things Rodeo

The Plaza Hotel & Casino is your home for all things Rodeonational finals rodeo 2017Throughout the Plaza’s 35-year history, the Plaza has been a destination for rodeo fans. National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas brings the best of Las Vegas with none shining brighter than the Plaza Hotel Casino, official hotel sponsor of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR).The Plaza Hotel & Casino won Gold in five categories for Las Vegas Review-Journal’s annual list of the Best of Las Vegas. Las Vegas visitors and locals choose their favorite businesses and vote for their favorites in several categories.The Plaza is excited to be chosen by our customers for:
  • Best Downtown Hotel
  • Best Downtown Slots
  • Best Downtown Hotel Pool
  • Best Bingo
  • Best Steakhouse – Oscar’s Steakhouse
Now we are adding a new category to the list. Downtown Las Vegas’ best practice arena.In addition to being voted the best in those categories, in 2017 the Plaza Hotel & Casino became home to downtown Las Vegas’ first and only practice arena and stalls with holding pens for rough stock. This unique amenity for rodeo fans made it convenient for guests to house and exercise their animals, just steps from their hotel room. Coupled with free viewing parties, live entertainment, complimentary shuttles and numerous food and drink specials, the Plaza was the place to be for NFR.This year, the Plaza is offering even more! The Plaza will provide a full outdoor arena and even more stalls for roping practice and exercise. This arena will serve as the location for various special industry events and clinics led by rodeo experts throughout the year. The arena will also offer onsite veterinarian services provided by Outlaw Equine.As the rodeo today attracts more youth participants than ever before, the Plaza will serve as the perfect destination for Junior NFR participants and their families with its variety of family-friendly entertainment, affordable dining and comfortable hotel accommodations.The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo is the season-ending championship event for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and is the world’s premier rodeo. Held annually since 1959 – some of the greatest cowboys in history have competed in several events including:
  • Bareback riding
  • Steer wrestling
  • Team roping
  • Saddle bronc riding
  • Tie-down roping
  • Barrel racing
  • And of course, bull riding!

Why should you come visit the Plaza during the NFR?

Roy Cooper, Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame member, thinks you’d love it here. “Nowhere else in downtown Las Vegas can you find the great amenities that the Plaza is offering. The Plaza has really stepped up – especially by building an arena and stalls – all to make cowboys like me feel at home”. Guests staying at the Plaza can reserve two stalls and trailer/truck parking at a special rate.
Every night of the NFR, the Plaza will host a free viewing party in its new Plaza Events Center, which has 18 large high-definition television screens and seats up to 400 guests. You’ll feel like you are part of the action from the comfort of your seat with drink and food specials.
For those that like to be closer to the action, we’ll take you to the NFR.Guests can take advantage of the Plaza’s free shuttle service to the Thomas and Mack Center offered nightly from 5 to 7 p.m. and returning 9 to 10:30 p.m.Our shuttles are a great place to talk about all the amazing action you just witnessed and will back to the Plaza for nightly Live NFR Feed Viewing Parties with live entertainment and of course, food and drink specials because the fun is only beginning.If you got enough live action and fun at the NFR, relax at the Best Steakhouse in Las Vegas (as voted on by Las Vegas visitors and locals), and enjoy NFR food specials.

What To Expect

There are a ton of fun and exciting events happening! Here is just a short list of things to look forward to. For more details including dates and times check out the full schedule here.Miss Rodeo America — Contestant Official Introduction Miss Rodeo America — Horsemanship Competition PRCA National Convention Contract Personnel Trade Show & JCCF Silent Auction Miss Rodeo America – Public Speaking/Extemporaneous Speeches ALL IN Barrel Race 2018 Benny Binion’s World Famous Wrangler NFR Bucking Horse & Bull Sale PRCA National Convention Contract Personnel Trade Show Junior NFR presented by YETI Cowboy Christmas — It’s All Here South Point Western Gift Show Cowboy Marketplace Gift Show Country Christmas Miss Rodeo America PRCA Luncheon WPRA Star Celebration PRCA Permit Holder of the Year Challenge Outside the Barrel with Flint Rasmussen Stace Smith World Bronc Futurity Finale Miss Rodeo America Pageant – Fashion Show Luncheon Wrangler NFR Autograph Session — Barrel Racers Feek’s Vision Documentary Rodeo Recess with Andy Seiler World Series of Team Roping Bob Tallman Wrangler NFR Charity Bowling Tournament Outside the Barrel with Flint Rasmussen Wrangler NFR Autograph Session — Tie-Down Ropers Daryle Singletary’s Keepin’ it Country hosted by Andy Griggs Miss Rodeo America Justin Boot Parade Miss Rodeo America Scholarship Foundation Auction Miss Rodeo America Pageant — Coronation Performance presented by Las Vegas Events Rodeo Recess with Andy Seiler Fellowship of Christian Cowboys Public Church Service Exceptional Rodeo presented by NV Energy Wrangler NFR Autograph Session — Team Ropers 

Oscar’s Steakhouse

There is only one thing more legendary than the Plaza’s history and award-winning service, Oscar Goodman. Oscar Goodman, known best as the “Happiest Mayor in the Universe”, served three terms as mayor of the city of Las Vegas.In December 2011, former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar B. Goodman opened a unique Steakhouse. Located inside of the iconic dome of the Plaza Hotel and Casino. Guests are treated to a spectacular view of Fremont Street.Known for its perfectly aged steaks cooked over a 600-degree grill, Oscar’s Steakhouse will have three special menus during the NFR.We want the Plaza to feel like home, that’s why we are serving up plenty of delicious steaks and other classics that rodeo goers will love.Reservations for dinner are recommended and can be made online. You may even catch Oscar himself enjoying a martini and sharing stories of old Las Vegas. Come join us now.Reservations for dinner are recommended and can be made online. You may even catch Oscar himself enjoying a martini and sharing stories of old Las Vegas. Come join us now.

Big Blues Bender Las Vegas: Packages & Schedule

Big Blues Bender 2017 Music moves the soul. It is a universal language that everyone can enjoy. And no other music genre can do it better than Blues. Blues music has been around since the end of the 19th century, and it incorporates spiritual sounds, folk music, and jazz. Call and response patterns characterize this genre, which roots come from African American history.  The individual notes used in this style of music give it a very individualized sound and makes Blues the perfect music to get you moving and dancing.big blues bender 2016 performerFor four days in September, the soulful sound of Blues music will take over the Plaza Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas. The Big Blues Bender is starring over 50 artists for a total of over 100 performances on September 6-9. The event will be featuring artists like Kenny Wayne Shepherd, JJ Grey and Mofro, Elvin Bishop, Samantha Fish, and many more!


The schedule will be released in early August. Please check back soon.

Big Blues Bender Packages

There are many different packages to choose from that include options for a four-night stay at The Plaza with a wide selection of hotel rooms. These hotel room packages also include music panels, access to the vendor village, and activities like yoga, photo booths, and even themed nights. It is possible to buy a wristband to the bender, but if you’re from out of town, the package packs a lot more bang for your buck. Back by popular demand, we will be offering “all you can drink” wristbands! We don’t want anyone to miss out on this great event, so payment packages are available so you can pay over time.pool-at-the-plaza-performanceAll the action will be happening in the heart of downtown Las Vegas right by the famous Fremont Street Experience. There is plenty to do, see, and eat in downtown Las Vegas so you can enjoy all that the city has to offer. Packages are selling out fast, so be sure to book now!Buy Big Blues Bender Tickets

Super Bingo Tournament At The Plaza

February Super Bingo at the Plaza Hotel Casino Bingo is one of the most popular games in Las Vegas, but Super Bingo takes it to an entirely new level. The Super Bingo Tournament brings hundreds of people from all over the world into Downtown Las Vegas for the chance to win big and meet other bingo players. It’s not uncommon to see people come from as far as Hawaii and even Canada to take part and play in the tournament.The tournament at The Plaza Hotel & Casino takes place over two days in the newly remodeled ballroom, and all players have the chance to win $175,000 overall. There is a super coverall both days of the bingo tournament, giving players even more of a chance to win. The super coverall on the first day of the competition awards $25,000 to a lucky player, and on the second day, $50,000 is awarded for the super coverall.To join the tournament, The Plaza Hotel & Casino offers bingo only sessions priced at $130. However, players also have the option to book room-and-bingo packages, which start at $239 for a three-night stay. The room-and-bingo packages are even a great option for locals because there will be an open bar during the sessions! Having a hotel room to go back to after a full day of the bingo tournament means that everyone can enjoy the open bar responsibly.A Super Bingo & Hotel Package includes a three-night stay at the hotel, two sessions of Super Bingo, two daubers to use during bingo, a gift, and provided lunch during each day of the tournament. The tournament takes place over several weekends during 2019. The next Super Bingo takes place February 10-12!Register NowIn addition to the Super Bingo tournament, there is plenty to do and see in Downtown Las Vegas. You can step outside The Plaza and step right into the famous Fremont Street Experience. Downtown Las Vegas is also known for having some of the best food in the city. When you come to Las Vegas for the Super Bingo tournament you’re sure to enjoy all that the city has to offer.