About the Plaza’s Newest Resident Act: The Scintas

Few Vegas shows have the wherewithal to survive the constant evolution of the city and still come out on top. The Scintas have done just that. With injections of fresh material, an energetic dynamic between group members, and a new residency at the Plaza, The Scintas are on track to give downtown visitors an exciting show they are not soon to forget.

The Beginning

Frankie Scinta began performing at the age of 9 and instantly knew he wanted to spend his life on the stage. “Once I heard that applause that was it, I knew that’s what I was going to do for the rest of my life,” said Frankie. The Scintas formed and began performing in their hometown of Buffalo, New York before relocating to Las Vegas in 2000. the-scintas-live-at-the-plaza The group started at the Hilton where their show was much different than what you see today. “It was my brother, my sister, myself, and our drummer,” said Frankie, “we had no band, no horn section, no rhythm section, we were the band!”

Vegas Then & Now

While performing at the Hilton, The Scintas quickly gained recognition because their show was perfectly suited for Vegas. “It was an incredible time in Vegas because there were other shows,” said Frankie, “there were other resident headliners here that you could see who were performers — not just comedians, but entertainers.” And, as Frankie explained, those entertainers had a strong relationship with the hotel they were performing at, something The Scintas are looking to replicate during their time at the Plaza. “This, at the Plaza, it’s a marriage between the Plaza and The Scintas,” said Frankie, “and so far, it’s working out very well!” The relationship between The Scintas and the Plaza also aims to bring back aspects of what Frankie refers to as vintage Vegas. “What I really miss about vintage Vegas is that every hotel had a headliner,” said Frankie, “you could go to the MGM, and you would know Tom Jones was going to be there, and people made a night of it.”

To encourage the idea of a full night out on the town, visitors can indulge in a fine meal at Oscar’s Steakhouse before heading down to the plush showroom to enjoy The Scintas.

During the show, every member of the audience is then invited back up to Oscar’s Steakhouse for a cocktail and the chance to meet and chat with the performers. This is another nod to keeping the vibe of vintage Vegas alive at the Plaza. “That’s what entertainers did in the old days,” said Frankie. Although it may seem like much of the show’s emphasis is on returning to old Vegas, the show truly offers something for everyone.

“Our show offers those who are between 30 and 70 somewhere to go where they can have an emotional connection to a show and can leave with a feeling,” said Frankie. After all, where else can you see Michael Jackson, Dean Martin, Bruno Mars, and Mick Jagger in one place?

About the Show

Although The Scintas have performed at a variety of venues in Vegas, while watching the show, it’s easy to see the entire cast feels like they are at home at the Plaza. “We have an incredible showroom manager here, he’s taken us in like family,” said Frankie, “we are like one big family and I really think this is one of the few showrooms in Vegas that’s happening.” Before signing with the Plaza, The Scintas had other offers, but knew it had to be the Plaza after seeing the showroom. “We are in an iconic showroom, they don’t even make them like this anymore,” said Frankie, “this is where the icons performed!” The dynamic between the members of the Scintas creates a remarkable balance that guides you through the show. The performer of the group is, of course, Frankie, who feeds on the energy of the audience and banter with drummer and “honorary Scinta” Peter O’Donnell. The comedic relief and relaxed vibe come from Frankie’s brother, Joe, whose spot on impressions are so over the top you can’t help but laugh. The newest member of the group, Janien Valentine, does a classical opera number that is sure to have every member of the audience on their feet. the-scintas-janien-valentine-live-at-the-plaza “Nothing is contrived and every night is different because every audience is different,” said Frankie, “we perform to everybody sitting there because if they came to see a show, we’re going to give them everything in our hearts.” The show also features a moving tribute to veterans, something Frankie considers very important to the group. “We walk the streets today free in America like no other country, because of every veteran,” said Frankie, “whether they lost everything or nothing.” If you are looking to see comedy, or impressions, or want to enjoy some of the best live music complete with an incredible horn section that will wow you; The Scintas has it all. The show has something for everyone–something Frankie says he’s very proud of. “I don’t like to do this, I don’t love to do it, I live to do it,” said Frankie, “it’s never been a job for me.” The Scintas perform at the legendary Plaza showroom two weekends per month and hope to start eventually playing every weekend. More Info about The Scintas