Q&A: Inside Scoop with Jonathan and Gary, plus the return of Vital Vegas!

Welcome to Episode #130 of “On the Corner of Main Street”! Join Plaza CEO Jonathan Jossel and Gary Vickery as they sit down with Scott Roeben, also known as Vital Vegas, for his fourth appearance on the show. Get ready for an insider’s look at everything from the latest in gaming, dining, and entertainment to fascinating stories about Vegas history and current events. Highlights include the improved safety and security measures on Fremont Street, insightful debates on the impact of downtown’s fireworks displays, insight on new food concepts at the Plaza including the rise of “Just Rice,” and updates on the latest union negotiations and their impact on the Las Vegas hospitality scene. Stay tuned until the end of the show for a special Q&A session with Gary Vickery and Jonathan Jossel, who answer listener questions and share more behind-the-scenes. Don’t forget to subscribe for more episodes and hit the bell icon to stay updated with our latest content. #LasVegas #VitalVegas #PlazaHotel #FremontStreet #VegasInsider #OnTheCornerOfMainStreet #QandA #Podcast

Hosts: Jonathan Jossel, Gary Vickery

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Vegas Matt: YouTube Sensation

Deep Dive into the World of Social Media Gambling: An Interview with Vegas Matt & Team Join us for a captivating conversation with Vegas Matt and his team, EJ and WBG, as they share their journey into the world of social media gambling. From viral YouTube videos to massive wins and losses, discover how they turned their passion for gambling into a thriving online presence. Learn about their strategies, collaborations, and the authenticity that drives their success. Hear insights on the power of social media, the psychology behind watching gambling videos, and their plans for future milestones, including a potential million-dollar bet. This episode is packed with intriguing stories, practical advice, and a behind-the-scenes look at building a successful content channel around gambling. Perfect for fans of Vegas Matt and anyone interested in the intersection of social media and casinos.


Hosts: Jonathan Jossel, Gary Vickery

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Live On Main Street: Plaza Reimagined Anniversary

Explosive Gossip, Festivals, and Celebrations at Plaza Hotel Join Gary Vickery and Plaza Hotel CEO Jonathan Jossel in a lively discussion with special guests Scott Robin of Vital Vegas and Michael Crandall of PinkBox Donuts. This episode celebrates the first anniversary of the Carousel Bar and the success of the smoke-free slot area at the Plaza Hotel. Discover the story behind PinkBox Donuts’ success, hear the latest industry gossip from Scott Robin, and explore the evolving attractions of Main Street and the Life is Beautiful festival’s impact on downtown Las Vegas. Tune in for insights into the Las Vegas hospitality landscape, controversy management, and the popularity of new offerings like pickleball and all-inclusive packages at the Plaza. Packed with news, celebrations, and a hint of Vegas intrigue, this episode is not to be missed! 

Hosts: Jonathan Jossel, Gary Vickery

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Amy Saunders Unveils “Mavericks”

In this special episode of “On the Corner of Main Street,” we bring you a captivating conversation with Amy Saunders, the creative force behind “Misbehaves Mavericks,” set to debut at the Plaza Hotel and Casino’s showroom. Plaza CEO Jonathan Jossel and his team, including Bronson and Gary Vickery, join Amy to discuss her journey and the exciting new show.

Tune in as Amy shares her fascinating path from the streets of Soho to the stages of Las Vegas, highlighting her unique blend of hospitality and entertainment. Discover her thoughts on the Electric Daisy Carnival, the evolving landscape of downtown Las Vegas, and the importance of intimate, engaging performances.

This episode is packed with insights into Amy’s creative process, her philosophy on entertainment, and her collaborative efforts to bring fresh, vibrant shows to Las Vegas. Enjoy lively discussions on the challenges and triumphs of independent performers, the significance of affordable entertainment, and the thrilling prospects for the Plaza’s showroom.

Join us for an entertaining and enlightening look into the world of Amy Saunders and “Mavericks.” This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Hosts: Jonathan Jossel, Gary Vickery

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Dinner Series Special with Oscar Goodman

In this special episode of “On the Corner of Main Street,” we take you to the heart of Las Vegas for an unforgettable evening at Oscar’s Steakhouse inside the Plaza Hotel and Casino. Plaza CEO Jonathan Jossel and his team welcome the legendary former mayor, Oscar Goodman, for an engaging Dinner Series event.

Join us as Oscar shares his most riveting stories, from his efforts to bring sports to Las Vegas to his colorful experiences with the city’s infamous characters. Hear about his viral video experience, the exciting new show announcement at the Plaza, and his candid reflections on Las Vegas’ dynamic history.

This episode is packed with anecdotes about sports history, personal encounters in Rome, and behind-the-scenes tales from the making of “Casino.” Plus, don’t miss the lively Q&A session where Oscar fields questions from the audience, offering his unique insights and humor.

Tune in for an entertaining and insightful glimpse into the life and legacy of one of Las Vegas’ most iconic figures. This is a Dinner Series you won’t want to miss!

Hosts: Jonathan Jossel, Gary Vickery

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Welcome to the Weekend!

Get ready for the Boom! This Summer start your weekend with a burst of fun at the Plaza Hotel & Casino!

We’re turning up the heat every Friday night with the vibrant Summer Friday Fireworks show, kicking off on May 24 and lighting up the sky until August 30th. It’s the ultimate way to welcome the weekend in style, and trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this epic event!

Inspired by the enchanting fireworks displays at Disneyland, our Summer Friday Fireworks promise to dazzle and delight, casting a breath-taking glow over downtown Las Vegas. Join us at the Carousel Bar and rooftop pool deck for a party atmosphere like no other. Feel the energy in the air as we count down to 9:15pm, when the sky will erupt in a burst of color and light that will leave you breathless.

Jonathan Jossel, CEO of The Plaza Hotel & Casino, believes that fireworks should be enjoyed all summer long, not just on special holidays. And we couldn’t agree more! That’s why we’re pulling out all the stops to make every Friday night a celebration to remember. Whether you’re a local looking for a good time or a visitor ready to experience the excitement of downtown Vegas, the Summer Friday Fireworks is sure to deliver!

The fun doesn’t stop with the fireworks. Plaza hotel guests are in for a treat with our exclusive rooftop pool party, complete with icy-cool Frozen Firecracker cocktails and front-row seats to the show. And over at the Carousel Bar, the party vibes are in full swing with a live DJ spinning your favorite tunes and specialty until 10:00pm.

Here’s the best part: the Summer Friday Fireworks is absolutely FREE for everyone to enjoy! So, grab your friends, grab your family, and join us for a night of unforgettable fun.

Check out our social media channels @Plazalasvegas to preview past fireworks shows and get ready to be blown away. And remember, the Plaza’s fireworks are dependent on weather conditions, but rain or shine, we’ll be ready to light up the night sky.

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars, set your alarms, do whatever you have to do to make sure you don’t miss out on the hottest event of the summer. We’ll see you there, ready to welcome you to the weekend Plaza style!