Ashley Revel, Life-Stakes Roulette Player

Years ago, long before Jonathan started running The Plaza, Ashley Revel sold everything he owned in his native England, flew to Las Vegas and put all that money, more than $100,000, on red at the roulette table. It as a huge deal at the time, complete with a reality TV show crew following him around and recording the event. Jonathan and Ashley relive that moment, and Ashley shares how life has worked out since then.

Hosts: Jonathan Jossel, Gary Vickery

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The Plaza’s Greatest Hits, Part Two

The Vegas historians who’ve appeared on the podcast get their own “Best Of” episode. Here’s the lineup:

Early history – Dr. Michael Green, UNLV
Ending Segregation – Brian Greenspun, Las Vegas Sun Publisher
The Culinary Union – Ted Pappageorge, Culinary Secretary
How “The Venetian” name transferred from family restaurant to Strip mega resort – Larry Ruvo, Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada Director
The Keep Memory Alive Foundation & The Lou Ruvo Brain Institute – Larry Ruvo again
 The Plaza’s History – Oliver Lovatt, Las Vegas Historian
The Future of Downtown – Lovatt again

Hosts: Jonathan Jossel, Gary Vickery

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Ralph Lamb: His Word Was His Bond

Oscar Goodman, in January’s Oscar’s Dinner Series, remembers Las Vegas’ most famous lawman, Clark County Sheriff Ralph Lamb. Oscar says it was a working, respectful relationship – at least as he was concerned. The Sheriff? Not so much. Oscar recalls a successful challenge of the Sheriff’s power to confiscate someone’s casino work card with no recourse. But he also told the tale of a client who was banned from Vegas, with one exception: to visit The Venetian restaurant on West Sahara to enjoy Angie’s Ruvo’s famous neck bones. And, as usual, Oscar takes a few questions and gives the questioners a hard time. 

Hosts: Jonathan Jossel, Gary Vickery

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Our Greatest Hits, Part One

With four years of podcasts (119 Episodes!), we thought it would be good to look back and share some of our best moments. But there are so many, it will take us three episodes to do it. This one centers on gaming – except for how Jonathan almost didn’t make it to Las Vegas thanks to Dyson vacuum cleaners. Also: great stories from Wynn Las Vegas president Marilyn Spiegel, casino superhost Steve Cyr, veteran gambler Billy Walters, Plaza bingo guru Weldon Russell, gambling consultant & author Anthony Curtis and former Golden Nugget owner Tim Poster. 

Hosts: Jonathan Jossel, Gary Vickery

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Score Big with March Mania Madness at the Plaza

Get ready to amp up your March Mania viewing experience! Join us at the Plaza Showroom from March 21st to 23rd for the ultimate college basketball playoffs viewing party. With games showcased on a stunning 24-foot LED Video Wall, unlimited draft beer, and a cash bar at your service, Plaza Showroom promises to be the epicenter of March Mania excitement. Plus, take advantage of exclusive savings with our special room package, allowing you to save up to 20% off room rates when you book a two-night stay during March Mania at the Plaza.

March Mania at Plaza Las Vegas

Experience March Mania Madness at Plaza Showroom

Here’s what awaits you at Plaza Showroom:

  • 24-foot LED Multi-Screen Video Wall: Immerse yourself in the thrilling action of college basketball playoffs with every dunk, steal, and buzzer-beater displayed in stunning detail on our expansive LED Video Wall. The excitement of March Mania comes to life like never before as you watch multiple games unfold on our state-of-the-art screen.
  • Unlimited Draft Beer and Soft Drinks: Stay refreshed and hydrated throughout the event with unlimited draft beer and soft drinks included with your entry. With your beverage needs taken care of, you can focus all your attention on cheering for your favorite team to victory.
  • Two Drink Tickets: Enjoy two complimentary cocktails of your choice with every ticket purchase.
  • Exciting Raffle Entries: Each ticket holder will receive a raffle entry per ticket per day purchased. From exclusive merchandise to exciting packages from our sponsors, there’s no telling what you might win as you enjoy the March Mania games with us.
  • Cash Bar: Keep your energy levels high and your spirits higher with our fully stocked cash bar. Whether you’re celebrating a victory or drowning your sorrows after a tough loss, our friendly bartenders are ready to serve up your favorite beverages throughout the event.
  • Sports Betting: Our March Mania Viewing Party offers a top-notch hub for sports wagering. Equipped with William Hill satellite betting stations, attendees can easily place bets in real-time, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable betting experience. This customized arrangement ensures you stay in the loop while immersing yourself in the excitement of live betting.
March Mania at Plaza Las Vegas

Other March Mania Events in Las Vegas

  • March Hoops at The D: This is a free viewing party taking place in the Detroit ballrooms within the D March 20-24 and 28-31. Since this is free and open to the public, no spots are guaranteed. 
  • Hoops Mania at Hard Rock Cafe: This is a ticketed event taking place at Hard Rock on the Strip March 21 from 9am-9pm. 
  • Mega March 2024 at Circa: This is a ticketed watch party located on at the Circa. March 20-24, 28-31, and April 6-8.
  • Tournament Madness at Beer Park Las Vegas: This event is taking place at the Beer Park in Paris Las Vegas March 21-22. This event will be outdoors, so planning for unpredictable weather conditions and ensuring suitable attire will be essential. If you prefer an indoor and more comfortable setting, Plaza’s party provides a climate-controlled environment for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Exclusive Room Package at the Plaza: Save up to 20% Off Room Rates

Take advantage of Plaza’s exclusive room package and save up to 20% off room rates when you book a two-night stay for March Mania at the Plaza. This limited-time offer allows you to enjoy all the excitement of the college basketball playoffs while staying in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. But hurry, you must book by March 16 to secure this special deal!

View Room Packages Here

Don’t Miss Out on March Mania Madness at Plaza Showroom

Make your March Mania experience one to remember by joining us at Plaza Showroom and taking advantage of our exclusive room savings. From thrilling games and refreshing beverages to a venue not limited by the weather, Plaza Showroom has everything you need for an unforgettable March Mania celebration. Book your tickets today and get ready to score big with us!

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Las Vegas’ Historic Westside

Every big city had its ghetto, and Las Vegas was no exception. But the people of the Historic Westside made the most of what they had. Filmmaker Emmett Gates has spearheaded a new film about that place and those times, called “Across the Tracks: A Las Vegas Westside Story.” He shares the story about making the film, the stories he heard from longtime residents, and the hopes for the future. 

Hosts: Jonathan Jossel, Gary Vickery

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Where is the Best Place to Watch The Big Game in Las Vegas? Find Out Here

Are you ready for the biggest football showdown of the year? Look no further! The Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has your game day experience covered. Get ready to cheer, indulge, and celebrate the Big Game like never before. Here’s why The Plaza is your go-to destination for the ultimate Big Game extravaganza.

Dive into the Ultimate Big Game Viewing Party in Las Vegas at The Plaza Hotel

At The Plaza, we believe that the Big Game isn’t just a game; it’s a celebration that deserves a grand stage. Join us on February 11, 2024, as we transform our ballroom on the third floor into the ultimate football viewing haven. The energy will be electric, the cheers will be deafening, and the atmosphere will be unbeatable.


Why Choose The Plaza? A Game-Changing Experience

Unlimited Beer Flowing: Kick back and relax with unlimited beer flowing throughout the game. No need to worry about refills – we’ve got you covered with unlimited buckets of beer, ensuring your drink stays full as you savor every moment of the action.

Stadium Food Buffet: Indulge your taste buds with our stadium food buffet. From classic game day favorites to gourmet delights, our buffet caters to every palate. Expect a feast that complements the intensity of the game.

Intimate Indoor Setting: Escape the outdoor chill and immerse yourself in the warmth of our intimate indoor setting. The convention space provides an exclusive atmosphere, creating the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable game day experience.

Convenient Downtown Location: Located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, The Plaza is easily accessible, making it the ideal spot for locals and visitors alike. Forget about the hassle of finding the perfect location – The Plaza is where the action is.

Sports Betting: Our Big Game Viewing Party is your prime destination for sports betting. Featuring William Hill satellite betting stations, guests can effortlessly place bets as the game unfolds, guaranteeing a seamless and enjoyable wagering experience. This tailored setup guarantees you won’t miss a beat while engaging in the thrill of live betting.

Other Noteworthy Big Game Events in Las Vegas 2024

Downtown Las Vegas Events Center: If you’re exploring other options in downtown Las Vegas, the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center could be worth considering. Located adjacent to the D Hotel & Casino, it’s a convenient choice for a football-filled day kicking off at 11 a.m. However, it’s essential to note that this event is outdoors, which means planning for unpredictable weather conditions and ensuring suitable attire. If you prefer an indoor and more comfortable setting, Plaza’s event provides a climate-controlled environment for an enjoyable football experience.

The LINQ and High Roller: For a massive tailgate party hosted by Guy Fieri, The LINQ and High Roller provides another viewing option. This tailgate is set behind The LINQ and High Roller, offering an energetic atmosphere with an expected attendance of 10,000+.

South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa: If you prefer the South Point area, their Big Game Viewing Party is returning with multiple options. Watch the game in the Showroom, Grand Ballroom, or Exhibit Hall. Doors open at 10:30 a.m., and admission is free for football fans aged 21 and older.

Clark County Government Center Amphitheater – SoberBowl Party: Other viewing options include the SoberBowl party on Feb. 11 at the Clark County Government Center Amphitheater. Enjoy performances by comedian and impressionist Craig Gass, Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael, and musician Michael Richter. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for youth aged 12 and under.


Conclusion: Make The Plaza Your Big Game Destination

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the best place to watch the Big Game in Las Vegas, The Plaza Hotel and Casino stands out as the ultimate destination. Our Big Game Viewing Party promises an immersive experience with unlimited beer, delectable food, an exclusive atmosphere, and a venue not limited by weather. Join us on February 11, 2024, for a football celebration like no other. Whether you choose The Plaza or explore other downtown locations, make sure your experience is unforgettable!

Purchase your tickets today and be part of the Big Game spectacle at The Plaza – where the excitement unfolds, and the memories last a lifetime!

Buy Your Plaza Big Game Viewing Party Tickets Here