Amy Saunders Unveils “Mavericks”

In this special episode of “On the Corner of Main Street,” we bring you a captivating conversation with Amy Saunders, the creative force behind “Misbehaves Mavericks,” set to debut at the Plaza Hotel and Casino’s showroom. Plaza CEO Jonathan Jossel and his team, including Bronson and Gary Vickery, join Amy to discuss her journey and the exciting new show.

Tune in as Amy shares her fascinating path from the streets of Soho to the stages of Las Vegas, highlighting her unique blend of hospitality and entertainment. Discover her thoughts on the Electric Daisy Carnival, the evolving landscape of downtown Las Vegas, and the importance of intimate, engaging performances.

This episode is packed with insights into Amy’s creative process, her philosophy on entertainment, and her collaborative efforts to bring fresh, vibrant shows to Las Vegas. Enjoy lively discussions on the challenges and triumphs of independent performers, the significance of affordable entertainment, and the thrilling prospects for the Plaza’s showroom.

Join us for an entertaining and enlightening look into the world of Amy Saunders and “Mavericks.” This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Hosts: Jonathan Jossel, Gary Vickery

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