Vacation Giveaway: Live Like A Boss

3956--Like-a-Boss-Giveaway--Home-Slider-1600x500 Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live large in Las Vegas?You’ve probably seen plenty of shows and movies where people are staying in a luxurious penthouse and living out their wildest dreams in Sin City. People come to Las Vegas to play hard and win big, and now you’ll get the opportunity to do that while The Plaza pays the bills.Doing a luxurious trip to Las Vegas can come with a big price tag. Some of the best things to do in the city are dining at fine restaurants, enjoying a private cabana by the pool, seeing a show, and staying in the penthouse, but the vacation bill can rack up fast when you’re living large. That’s why we decided to do a giveaway where you can live like a boss!The Live Like a Boss Giveaway sponsored by The Plaza Hotel & Casino includes all the luxuries that Vegas high rollers enjoy during their trips. If you win, you’ll get to stay in the penthouse at The Plaza, a $200 dining credit to Oscar’s Steakhouse, and a cabana by the pool with $100 food and beverage credit to spend at the pool.The Penthouse Suite at The Plaza Hotel & Casino has all the amenities that your heart desires and you’ll be able to stay and play in luxury. With $200 to spend at Oscar’s Steakhouse, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the finest steaks in Sin City with exceptional views of Downtown Las Vegas and the Fremont Street Experience. Did we mention that Oscar’s Steakhouse won Best Steakhouse of 2017?Then, you can cool off pool-side in your own private cabana with someone to serve on you while you sip on drinks and have fun in the sun.If all of this sounds like a good time to you, then you can enter the Live Like a Boss Giveaway online. You have to be 21 to enter the contest and some rules and restrictions apply. To learn more or enter the giveaway, click the button below.Enter Now

Super Bingo Tournament At The Plaza

February Super Bingo at the Plaza Hotel Casino Bingo is one of the most popular games in Las Vegas, but Super Bingo takes it to an entirely new level. The Super Bingo Tournament brings hundreds of people from all over the world into Downtown Las Vegas for the chance to win big and meet other bingo players. It’s not uncommon to see people come from as far as Hawaii and even Canada to take part and play in the tournament.The tournament at The Plaza Hotel & Casino takes place over two days in the newly remodeled ballroom, and all players have the chance to win $175,000 overall. There is a super coverall both days of the bingo tournament, giving players even more of a chance to win. The super coverall on the first day of the competition awards $25,000 to a lucky player, and on the second day, $50,000 is awarded for the super coverall.To join the tournament, The Plaza Hotel & Casino offers bingo only sessions priced at $130. However, players also have the option to book room-and-bingo packages, which start at $239 for a three-night stay. The room-and-bingo packages are even a great option for locals because there will be an open bar during the sessions! Having a hotel room to go back to after a full day of the bingo tournament means that everyone can enjoy the open bar responsibly.A Super Bingo & Hotel Package includes a three-night stay at the hotel, two sessions of Super Bingo, two daubers to use during bingo, a gift, and provided lunch during each day of the tournament. The tournament takes place over several weekends during 2019. The next Super Bingo takes place February 10-12!Register NowIn addition to the Super Bingo tournament, there is plenty to do and see in Downtown Las Vegas. You can step outside The Plaza and step right into the famous Fremont Street Experience. Downtown Las Vegas is also known for having some of the best food in the city. When you come to Las Vegas for the Super Bingo tournament you’re sure to enjoy all that the city has to offer.

Race For The Case

race for the caseThe slots are an integral part of Las Vegas culture and many tournaments and races are held for players to compete while playing their favorite slot machines. At The Plaza Hotel & Casino, players will have the chance to compete over three days by racing to earn the highest points on their favorite slot machines. The race will be intense as players compete head-to-head and try to get the highest points. There is no buy-in for the race and the first prize winner will receive a handsome reward of $15,000.The way the race works is to be one of the top five players with the highest points by playing the slot machines. The top five will then get to choose from five briefcases. Each briefcase contains a different amount of money, which ranges from $1,000 to $15,000. The player with the highest slots points will be the first person to choose a briefcase. Winners will only have a minute to choose and are not allowed to switch once they have picked a briefcase. Which means that the first place slot winner will not necessarily take home the most money.people playing slots and winningAll players have the chance to win the $50,000 Race For The Case. If you enjoy playing slots, this race is for you. There are two weekends that the race will be held in 2018. The first weekend is June 29 – July 1, and the second weekend is November 9 – November 11.Come have fun competing against others for the chance to take home $15,000.Learn More About The Race For The CaseRSVPSlot machines have a big history in Las Vegas where the first fully electromechanical and video slot machines were made. Although the precursor were first invented in 1891 in New York; the first slot machines happened to be based on the classic game of poker. Even one of the early slot machines dispensed different flavors of chewing gum, which is why some of the popular cherry and melon symbols come from! Now slot machines that you see on every Las Vegas casino floor have fun and unusual themes that range from TV shows to musical and pop icons.