Ep. 38 – Larry Ruvo, Las Vegas Treasure

Running the region’s largest distributor of wine and spirits inevitably makes Larry Ruvo a player in Las Vegas. But Larry never rested on his wealth. After his father died from Alzheimer’s Disease (which had been mis-diagnosed), Larry decided to do something about it.

That “something” is the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, a world-class research facility in downtown Las Vegas. In this very special episode, Larry tells that story — including how he talked superstar architect Frank Geary into designing the Center’s unique headquarters.

Larry also recounts coming to Las Vegas as a child, growing up here, and working in his parents’ restaurant, The Venetian. And he tells the REAL story about how that name went from a family restaurant to one of the most famous hotel-casinos in the world. 

Hosts: Jonathan Jossel, Lisa Melmed

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