Plaza Video Poker

The Plaza offers the best video poker pay tables in downtown Las Vegas. We offer six titles located at Omaha Bar, The Sand Dollar Downtown, Carousel Bar and William Hill Sports Book Bar with returns of 99% or better when a player uses perfect strategy and wagers five coins. Five of these titles are available from $0.25 up to $5 denominations. No other casino in the Las Vegas market offers this wide range of limits at full pay video poker.


Full Pay Joker Poker

Plaza has offered full pay Joker Poker since 2015. It has the highest theoretical payout of any video poker game in downtown Las Vegas. At maximum bet and perfect strategy, it returns 100.65%.

The game started out with coin machines that were live at Las Vegas Club for decades. They moved to the Plaza when Las Vegas Club closed. In 2019, we could no longer maintain the coin machines. This game was an important part of our commitment to value, so we had custom ticket-in/ticket-out versions made to replace them.

These machines are modeled after our old coin video poker machines. The pay table is posted on the top glass.

Joker Poker players win with a pair of kings or better. A natural royal flush is the top jackpot. Other Big payouts include five of a kind and a royal flush using the joker.

Full pay Joker Poker is available at Plaza in the quarter denomination. Our two machines with this game are found between the table game pit and the security podium.

Other full pay video poker at Plaza

Plaza offers dozens of video poker machines with at least four games offering a theoretical return of 99% or better with five coins wagered and perfect strategy. Some of our video poker machines offer five titles with this return.

Denominations for the pay tables mentioned below start at $0.25 on the casino floor, Omaha Bar and the sportsbook bar. Sand Dollar Lounge full pay video poker starts at the $0.50 denomination.

The maximum denomination is $2 on our full pay machines on the casino floor. Our bar machines go up to the $5 denomination, where the top prize for a royal flush is $20,000 with five coins wagered.

All games mentioned in this section earn Plaza Rewards points. Players may collect free play from mailers and points at all games mentioned below.

Bonus Poker Deluxe

Many of our Bonus Poker Deluxe games pay nine coins on a full house and six on a flush. This is the best pay table for the game in the Las Vegas market. While the goal in video poker is to get a royal flush, Bonus Poker Deluxe allows players to have a generous payout on all four of a kind hands. Each quad pays 80 coins for every one wagered. The rank of the four of a kind does not matter. All are considered equal. There is no need to hope for a kicker. This 9/6 Bonus Poker Deluxe game returns 99.64% with perfect play and five coins wagered.

Plaza Hotel Casino Floor

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is the classic video poker game that many variants use as a model. Many of Plaza’s Jacks or Better machines are the full pay version, offering nine coins on a full house and six on a flush. This game is perfect for video poker players that do not like much variance. It returns 99.54% with perfect play and five coins wagered.

Double Bonus Poker

If you like special payouts on four of a kind, and more coins on flushes and straights, our 9/7 Double Bonus Poker games are for you. A full house pays nine coins on these select machines. Flushes pay seven. Straights get a bump up to five coins from the traditional four coins most other video poker games pay on this hand. All four of a kind hands pay at least double that of a Jacks or Better game. Four deuces, threes and fours pay 80, while quad aces win 200 coins for every one wagered. This game has a theoretical return of 99.11% with perfect play and five coins bet.

Deuces Joker Wild

Plaza is the only downtown Las Vegas casino that offers Deuces Joker Wild. This unusual game has five wild cards. All deuces are wild. There is also a joker. Payouts start at three of a kind. A royal flush is tough to get in this game with all the wild cards. However, there is a massive payout for getting four deuces with the joker. That hand pays 2000 coins, which is two and a half times more than a royal flush on most video poker games. Plaza’s Deuces Joker Wild returns 99.07% with perfect play and five coins wagered.

Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker is like Jacks or Better with a little more variance. It is the only video poker game in the bonus family that pays two coins on two pair like Jacks or Better does. A full house pays eight coins, while a flush pays five. Four deuces, threes and fours pay 40 coins, while four aces pay 80. Our 8/5 Bonus Poker machines return 99.17% with five coins wagered and perfect play.

Plaza Hotel Casino Floor

Other Plaza video poker games

We offer two video poker pay tables that return just under 99%. These are 9/6 Double Double Bonus and 15/9 Deuces Wild. In Double Double Bonus, players get bigger payouts on four aces, deuces, threes and fours. If quads with one of these cards is made, and the kicker is in this group, the payout doubles.

You will also find video poker variants on the Plaza casino floor. Titles include Ultimate X, Three Way Action, Super Times Pay, Spin Poker and multihand.