The Plaza Hotel offers FREE shuttle service to hotel guests between the hotel and McCarran International Airport. Space is limited and based on availability at the time of the request. We recommend reservations be made 72 hours in advance. The Plaza does not guarantee that seats will be available or that the shuttle will arrive or depart on schedule.

Shuttle from McCarran Airport to Plaza Hotel

For FREE pick up from McCarran International Airport to the Plaza Hotel, please book your pick up time below:

Departure TimeRoute
6amMcCarran PlazaBook Now
8amMcCarran PlazaBook Now
10amMcCarran PlazaBook Now
12pmMcCarran PlazaBook Now
6pmMcCarran PlazaBook Now
10pmMcCarran PlazaBook Now
12amMcCarran PlazaBook Now

Shuttle from Plaza Hotel to McCarran Airport

For FREE drop off at McCarran International Airport from the Plaza Hotel, please make your reservations at the front desk.

Departure TimeRoute
5amPlaza McCarran
7amPlaza McCarran
9amPlaza McCarran
11amPlaza McCarran
5pmPlaza McCarran
9pmPlaza McCarran
11pmPlaza McCarran