The Place To Be is Now the Place to Work

Beginning March 3, Brightside – Breakfast and Burgers will offer guests traditional breakfast items, specialty items and made-to-order sandwiches, burgers, and salads served all day long in the Plaza Hotel and Casino. Located on the casino floor, Brightside – Breakfast and Burgers  will offer guests at the Plaza Hotel & Casino an authentic New York style deli with traditional breakfast items including freshly baked pastries and more. Brightside’s diverse menu will start with a variety breakfast options including:
  1. Fried eggs and Eggs Benedict
  2. Toast topped with Tomato, Goat Cheese, and Basil
  3. In-house Smoked Salmon and Bagels
  4. Matzo Ball Soup
  5. Artisan Paninis
  6. Ahi Tuna Salad
  7. Variety of Freshly Brewed and Specialty Coffees
  8. And More
Brightside Breakfast & Burgers Brightside will also offer various grab and go options for downtown visitors and employees, such as bagels, soups, paninis, and more. Brightside will also serve bottled beer and wine. With seating for up to 100 guests, Brightside is a great place to start your morning. Owned and operated by the Plaza, Brightside will be open from 7 a.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursday and to 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturdays. Learn More About Brightside Breakfast and Burgers Brightside is Hiring To properly staff Brightside, The Plaza Hotel & Casino will be seeking to hire new team members who are skilled, energetic, highly-motivated people with a passion for hospitality who thrive in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment. If this sounds like you, then we will most definitely want to see you there. Brightside is hiring a:
  • General Manager
  • Fountain workers
  • Food Runners
Applicants should be reliable, energetic, fun, polite, and have attention to detail. Also hiring for Pool at the Plaza Our rooftop pool and recreation deck with private cabanas and Pickleball courts created a resort style feel at the Plaza, that helped lead to record level occupancy last year, so the Plaza is hiring for seasonal, full-time and part-time positions. Available positions for the Pool at the Plaza include:
  • Bartender
  • Apprentice Bartender
  • Cocktail Server
  • Cashier
  • Lifeguard
  • Cook
All interested applicants are encouraged to fill out an application online at:

Street Artist and Political Activist, Shepard Fairey, Creates Downtown Mural Masterpiece

shepard fairey plaza mural downtown las vegas Street artist and political activist, Shepard Fairey, has completed his latest masterpiece, and the largest art mural in Las Vegas, on the side of the Plaza Hotel Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. The mural titled, “Cultivate Harmony,” reminds us that peace and harmony are the only way to maintain what sustains us. Fairey, known for his iconic 2008 “Hope” poster of President Obama has transformed American pop culture with his modern art and now he’s transformed the Plaza into a living piece of artwork. Fairey is one of the most recognized street artists of our generation and an icon in the art scene. Fairey began work on the building-length mural Wednesday, which is captured in a stunning high-definition video by JUSTKIDS, a creative house that conceives and promotes modern art projects. The video series details the painstaking process of planning and executing the complex mural. Shot with aerial drones and HD cameras, the video series captures Fairey and team at work high above the Plaza Hotel Casino. Watch the series below.
Covering all three panels of the hotel’s northern facade, the Plaza hotel becomes the latest Fairey creation and addition to the growing art murals found throughout Downtown Las Vegas.

Street Art in Downtown Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been a destination for Street Art over the last few years, specifically downtown. When you walk around downtown Las Vegas, you can’t miss the murals and art decorating the walls. The streets of Downtown Vegas have been a blank canvas for the world’s most influential street artists including Shepard Fairey. Shepard Fairey has been one of those influential artists in the Las Vegas art scene and a common fixture at Life is Beautiful, a one-of-a-kind festival that brings music, art, and food to downtown Las Vegas. Fairey’s art can be found throughout the Las Vegas Valley but none match the size of his latest piece at the Plaza Hotel. Using suspended scaffolding and working through gusts of wind, Fairey and his team covered the Plaza with black and red paint. They then used spray paint to color open areas to create the masterpiece on display. Unaware that a world renowned artist was transforming the Plaza Hotel, on-lookers casually passed by, not realizing the Plaza was to become the next installment in Shepard Fairey’s legendary career. Shepard Fairey isn’t the only renowned artist transforming the Plaza Hotel. English multimedia artist D*Face will bring his pop art-style, bright colors, and comic book inspired artwork to his own mural in downtown. Both murals will add color and life to an already vibrant downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street Experience. Come see the mural today. Click here to view Plaza’s Second 21 Story Mural (by D*Face). Click here to view Plaza’s Third 21-Story Mural (by Faile).